Monday, August 29, 2011

Joseph Calata And Developments In Agriculture

A lot of countries, one of which is the Philippines, in the world today depend on agriculture to power their economy. This is why many companies have decided to fund researches regarding agricultural development. One such company is headed by Josh Calata, president and CEO of the largest distributor of B-Meg feeds in the country. One of the youngest and most successful businessmen in the Philippines, Josh Calata is on the forefront of introducing these agricultural improvements. Despite his young age, he believes that agriculture has the greatest potential that will propel the Philippine economy. In order to turn this potential into truth, he has partnered with multiple companies around the world - a few examples of which are Monsanto, Sinochem, DuPont Agriculture, Jardine Distribution, Bayer CropScience and Syngenta Global.

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Most of the products of these companies are concentrated on helping crops grow faster and healthier. A result of their research, these companies have been able to produce genetically modified seeds. These seeds offer better defense against a variety of pests and herbicides. They can also cope better with changing weather conditions and the diverse climates of South East Asian countries. When they are harvested, they have more nutritional value than with other crops.

Plants are not the only ones who benefit from these products. They also help farmers in gaining more revenue and profit. As their harvested crops are better and more nutritious, they can sell them at a better value. And since the Philippines is an agricultural country, these products truly are necessary if it is to improve its economy.

These companies also develop products that improve drought and stress tolerance of plants. They are also discussing future developments to combat problems such as Vitamin A deficiency in rice. The latest development in this is the golden rice that was developed by IRRI, or the International Rice Research Institute.

Thanks to Mr. Joseph Calata, these products are being distributed all over the Philippines and helping both the country and its farmers. Let's all hope that they continue producing and distributing such products, because quite frankly the world needs to get a lot greener.

Mr. Joseph Calata heads the biggest distributor of B-Meg feeds in the country. Capitalizing on the potential of the Philippines' agricultural sector, he has skyrocketed himself towards success. However, his successes are not for him alone, as his efforts has also helped farmers and the country's economy along the way.
-Alison Ward

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