Monday, December 10, 2012

Calata Corporation Supports Planned Reforms for Capital Market

The newly listed Calata Corporation gained a market cap of 4B pesos earlier this year thanks to the outstanding shares. However, during the trading days of the corporation, the stock prices underwent a fluctuation where the shares reached P24 per share but declined to as low as 32 percent along the way. This movement alarmed the corporation’s CEO, Joseph Calata, who immediately called the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The SEC worked carefully and quietly which was why the investigation moved swiftly. The investigation only lasted for four months where the SEC were able to determine those involved in the manipulation as well as clearing the Calata Corporation claiming that the firm has no involvement in the allegations.

The SEC probe proved that our decision to seek the help of the regulators was both wise and right.
- Says Calata in an interview.

Calata also stated that the SEC is now in a perfect position to put more reforms in place based on the lessons from the experience of Calata Corp. He claimed that such reforms are needed in order to protect the reputation of companies listing in the stock exchange and encourage more entrants into the capital market.

Since the issue has already been "put to rest," Calata Corporation can now focus on its expansion program where they plan on increasing the number of its outlets to about 250 using the proceeds from the initial public offering.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Calata Corporation's All-Star Board of Directors

Calata Corporation is currently the best performing Initial Public Offering (IPO) in the Philippine Stock Exchange as it gained a market capitalization of P4.3B. One might ask, "who is under this successful 10-year-old company?"
calata joseph
Of course, there is the 31-year-old Edward Cullen look-alike, Joseph Calata who took over as the corporation's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) when he graduated from the De La Salle University with a bachelor's degree in Commerce.  With the company's current market cap, Joseph Calata himself is worth P2.62B, making him the youngest billionaire in the Philippines. But indeed "no man is an island," as he is backed up with a team of professionals.

This is where the Archer and Eagles unite as Anteneans Baltazar Endriga and Jose Zaide joins Calata Corporation's board of directors. Baltazar Endriga earned his master's degree in Economics from Ateneo de Manila as well as his master's degree in Business Administration from Harvard Business School. He is a veteran in terms of handling companies as he was president of the Meridian International College of Business, Arts and Technology. He was also a board member of Miriam College Foundation and Management Association of the Philippines. He graduated as a Magna Cum Laude from the University of the East with a bachelor's degree in Commerce.

On the other hand, Jose Zaide served the country as an ambassador of the Philippines to France and a delegate to UNESCO. He was awarded the German and Austrian Grand Cross for distinguished services. He writes for Manila Bulletin under a column entitled "Below the Line" whenever he has some spare time.

Since November 2011, Benison Paul De Torres and Attorney Jose Maria Fabella served Calata Corporation as the Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary, respectively. They are used to managing companies as Benison De Torres used to be an auditor of Sycip, Gorres, Velayo and Co. as well as a Financial Services Manager of Prime Outsource Corporation while Attorney Fabella is part owner of Fabella Law Office.

Top notchers of their specific fields, Jaime Laya and George Nave are also included in Calata Corporation's board of directors. Jaime Laya, who graduated as Magna Cum Laude from the University of the Philippines, ranked eighth in the 1957 CPA board exams while George Nave, a mechanical engineering graduate of Mapua Institute of Technology, placed first in the Mechanical Engineering board exams in 1971.

This team of all-star professionals clearly shows how the Calata Corporation is as successful as it is now. With them and the company's competitive strengths, who knows how far and high Calata Corporation will reach?

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Calata Corporation Introduces its Farming Operations

Joseph Calata Nina Jose

Calata Corporation started as a poultry feed store and as it slowly progressed, it became the best performing Initial Public Offering (IPO) in the stock exchange. It is run by the 31-year, Joseph "Josh" Calata, who is now known as the country's youngest billionaire and CEO of a listed company.

Joseph Calata is also into farming which is why, in the late 2011, he signed new agreements with San Miguel  Corporation's Magnolia and Monterey to expand operations into farming.  They invested six buildings where they aim to produce 9.36M eggs per year, 15 buildings for the broiler growing operations for 3.8M chickens per year, eight buildings for the breeding of 1,100 sows and 26,000 piglets per year and three buildings for 10,000 hogs per year.

The company has planned the farming operations very carefully. The poultry stages have four wherein the first step would be in the breeder farm where the chickens would lay eggs, which will then be transferred to the hatchery. As soon as the eggs hatch, they would be sent for the broiler growing operations, and finally, they would be transferred to the dressing plant where the broilers grown are dressed and prepared for sale to consumers. On the other hand, there would be only three hog stages. First, the sows are to produce piglets at the breeder farm and from there, the piglets would be grown until they are old enough to be processed for their meat.

Calata has also recently signed long-term partnerships with other leading manufacturers such as the country's top feeds brand which is B-Meg as well as with Syngenta and Monsanto, which is the world's top crop protection company and the world's top seed company, respectively. He also partnered  with other multinational companies such as Bayer, Jardine, Dupont and Sinochem for their agro-chemical products. For the company's agricultural seeds, Calata collaborated with East West Seeds and Planter Products as well as with Swire and Viking for fertilizers. With these partnerships, Calata Corporation is now the biggest combined distributor of agro-chemicals, feeds, fertilizers, veterinary medicines and other agricultural products in the Philippines.

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