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Joseph Calata And His Agriculture Business

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Josh Calata applied advanced technology and exploration to trade farming. This young chief executive has managed the family trade in Bulacan at a youthful age of thirty, and has earned profit in the agriculture production. The young entrepreneur also took part in the business since 2001, where he first introduced technology to the farming system. He made it convenient to manage the farm by using computerized procedures that secures collections and credit.

In addition, this new method improved the exchange with agriculture manufacturers. Josh Calata began earning income afterwards. Many people testified that this entrepreneur encountered no conflicts in handling farm duties. Another thing that came easy for him was selling agrochemicals and other farming products. Regardless of all the success he accomplished, this youthful entrepreneur still wished to extend his trade in all parts of the country.

 Immediately, Josh Calata then was acknowledged as the top supplier of agricultural materials in the country. Introducing the modern method was a very wise action. He knew that applying technology will effectively help gain more sales. To develop a strong sales and marketing program, it was necessary to established a well-paced and fixed process.

The modern method used in the agriculture procedures made his trade very successful  This type of innovation made Calata Corporation one of the top in the business world. To date, the company has more than 2000 employees and offers more employment. The youthful entrepreneur is also busy with other business opportunities outside the agricultural business.

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The business was originally supervised by his parents. The young businessman started his way through the industry as an ordinary worker. This technique enabled the corporation to be the top provider of agriculture supplies. The corporation is increasingly expanding to date.

Additionally, the business became the provider of various influential corporations including Dupont, Sinochem, Jardine Distribution, B-Meg feeds, and Mosanto. The young businessman aspires missions for the company as well, such as aiding farmers through its involvement in the production of food. Moreover, the young entrepreneur believes in the corporation and its employees.
Joseph Calata became one of the most recognized distributor of agriculture products in the nation. At the young age of thirty he built an empire for himself and his family.
-Alison Ward

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