Saturday, July 16, 2011

Calata Corporation: Joseph Calata

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Calata Corporation, formerly known as Planters Choice Agro Products Inc., is the biggest combined distributor of agrochemicals, feeds, fertilizers, seeds and veterinary medicines in the Philippines.  It is the distributor of B-Meg feeds of San Miguel Corporation, agro-chemicals from Syngenta, Bayer, Sinochem, Jardine Distribution, Dupont and Monsanto among others. It also distributes fertilizers from Swire, Viking and other fertilizer companies, as well as seeds from East West Seed Company, Monsanto and veterinary products from San Miguel Corporation.

In 2009, Calata Corporation achieved an unprecedented Php 1.8 Billion annual gross revenue, the biggest in its history.

To fuel further growth, the company is diversifying into other fields such as high efficiency poultry growing using climate-controlled systems, construction, retailing, logistics and transport and private airplane leasing.

The past two years has seen the market leadership and rapid growth of the company such that it has successfully landed in the top 1000 corporations in the Philippines in BizNews Asia and Business World.

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